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Old town ambience with well
Old town ambience with well
Welcome to our website! aims at introducing the most important settlement on Tramontana, that is on Cres Island's northern side: Beli. The village has been built on a 126 meters high hill above a bay, where the rocks of Cres Island's eastern side are broken by the valley. Mankind settled here back in the prehistoric era, the current image of the village goes back partly to the middle ages.

The beach is accessible by descending on a steep asphalt road to the coast, where a parking area has been established (cars are charged a parking fee of 25 Kunas/day, 2011). The beach is gravel, and it's popular not only with people making a vacation in Beli, the beach has people making a trip from elsewhere on Cres or even visitors from the mainland. Next to the shore there is the unusual feature of a row of fishermen's cabins. The beach is also the base of a diving center.

Beyond the lovers of the sea and of cultural monuments, Beli will please the friends of nature, too. The village is the starting point of excursions to north, to the land of vulture griffons and to Tramontana's other scenic spots.

Accommodation is available in private apartments as well as in the tiny Camp Brajdi by the beach. Here by the coast Beli has beach bars, a small grocery and a souvenir shop. Up by the village two small restaurants (Beli, Tramontana) serve their guests.
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On Beli's beach
On Beli's beach

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